Technology is changing all the time and it’s crazy to think how far we have come with it! Here are some of my top technology facts to show you how great technology is and how different it is today, of course there are so many other facts about technology that will blow you away but here are a select few for you to feast your eyes on!



1.The first mobile phone call was made in New York City


2. Every single month there are 6,000 new computer viruses making it vital for people to update their security software


3. NASA has an internet speed of a whopping 91GB per second, check your own internet speed and see if yours is even close!


4. The first webpage ever created on the internet is still running and available to view by anyone


5. Artificial intelligence has been created that can predict epidemics occurring in the future, this would have been helpful before Covid!


Did any of these facts surprise you? If so which ones? Let me know in my contact section or in the comments down below, I would be very interested to hear what you thought.