Hello, I’m David Molliere and I am a 50-year-old French Canadian man living in Colorado, USA. I work as a computer software developer, which has been my job for the past 20 or so years and I have now decided to create this blog to discuss my passion for technology with other people across the internet. I have been living in Colorado for about 15 years and it has been a fantastic place to learn more about my craft and be in a state that really cares about technological development and advancements.


A bit more about me is that I live with my wife and our four children, however, one of them is on their way to college this year so it should become a little quieter around here! My wife and I love to go for walks and dinners together and we tend to bring the kids along for some family road trips and quality time when everyone has some free time! If I’m by myself I’m probably catching up on football on the TV or reading on my porch outside, therefore I’m either a couch potato or stimulating my mind basically!


So what exactly is my blog going to be about? Well, it is going to be an exploration of the technological world, I will be discussing computer software, sustainable technology, computer security, and mobile phones, amongst a variety of other topics so that you can be a tech expert too. Together we will be exploring amazing innovations as well as reviewing some of the best technologies out there to enhance your life as much as possible! Not to mention I will be giving you the best top tips on various different technologies and devices that are must-haves today in the modern world.


There is nothing quite like cool technology being developed at your fingertips!


I really appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you stick around for more.